Ceramic Poppies


The war that ends all wars they said

But so many were misled

The first but not the last

A Second was to pass

Soldiers boys and men

Were hit and fallen

But women came into their own

Running the country they got down

Widows and fatherless children

Like this so many wars are the given

But by this mistake we did not learn

And to another World War we did turn

Will it be the last

For this Earth to pass

This planet does not know total peace

Because all wars have not ceased

A twinkle in her daddy’s eye

The Queen today brought her respects by

In loving memory

The ceramic poppies she went to see

Red and glistening in the sun

By the walls of the Tower of London

77,000 represent

A lost soul gone and went

Have no more World Wars sent

A future queen in her reverence

And ceramic poppies will only be made

For the dead in their grave

Remain those fallen in the First World War

And no other, and no more!

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