We wouldn’t be without My Taxis

Run by Big and Little sis’

During the day we all see

The girls driving us from A to B

Set backs they have had

But carried on and I am glad

The tragic loss of Debbie’s Audi

I miss that hot seat what used to warm me

Picking up is good for business

Dropping you off they carry your bags, good this is

Free mints and squeaky wind screen wipers

Sometimes they have to go like the clappers

Never without a smile nor laugh

Most days hard graft

Saturday nights the drunks get in the cab

And can behave bad

The girls react by simply talking

“If you don’t stop that your walking!”

I don’t mind paying my three pounds fifty

Coz through the traffic they get you nifty

Anywhere you want to go

You safely arrive just so

Get us there in time we plead

Days they haven’t time for a feed

They grab a coffee whilst it’s hot

Come time to drink it, it is not

Far beyond a taxi service

I would never be without this

They make your day a pleasure

Turning up no matter what the weather

Favors they will do for you if you ask them

Come in and get warm they say “Eh hen!”

Jayne at home your hair will style

Making you beautiful for a while

So Hurray! for My Taxi lifts

Debbie, Jayne and Sarah are heaven’s gifts

Their business will be a booming success

And that aint just a lucky guess!

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