“Pull yourself together!”  Too many things to pull

Left right and centre

I want to pull it apart

To make it stop

The beginning and the end I will never see

My microcosm of a life will pull until death

All that will stop is my existence

So many things to regret

Not to regret

On a new day

My pens have little ink left

Find one with ink still

The pen is resilient so far

I survive another hour

Pen I say to love you and record

Opposites always attracting

Love and hate

Pulling near and away

To survive this day

To exist another night

Where existence and none existence lets go utterly

And accept it find a place where there is not black and white

To live in a continual flow

Like the rivers and sea you loved

A continuity from shame, hate to love and happiness

We will live or die

In the end nothing matters

Life is all we know

Are we so terrified of who we are?

Do we want to be who we are?

Fear the concept of a frozen mind!

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