Ordinary Heroes



Not everyone can be a hero

In the world’s eyes

Raising money for charities

So good we all decide

Or having jobs that save lives

Important this is said

Not getting up to feed the kids

Tired you want to stay in bed

But people struggle every day

Just to earn their pay

Pushing trolleys at supermarkets

A thankless job you could say

Getting up on cold dark days

To work on conveyor belts

Boring and ongoing

For little money that is dealt

Everyone’s a hero

Mum taking kids to school

Later cleaning in a store

Not sitting by the pool

All our kids and children

Often heroes make

Struggling with their schoolwork

Much more then they can take

So don’t hanker after fame a lot

Realize to give yourself a break

It takes a lifetime’s achievement

Your life happy to make!

Still not everybody can be happy

With a life that’s bad

But if we remember just how great we are

Then perhaps sometimes we will be glad!


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