Technology can do anything

More service to crooks it can bring

A laptop can record your words

Without you knowing it’s occurred

If you have neighbours from hell

And they know you very well

Then as quietly as a mouse

They can break into your house

And hack into your mobile phone

Although you think your texts are yours alone

They can read into your life

And over the years give you so much strife

Playing mind games and on you tricks

You know something is amiss

When litter into your garden comes

And it’s all related upon

Your texts, images and emails

And you feel like a vulnerable female

But nobody will believe you

When your sanity is overdue

Until one day your life does change

No longer your neighbors they remain

Up and leaving they do go

Your life will be better from now on you know

New neighbors you have the best around

And from now on nightly you sleep sound!

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