The Secret Kiss


The amber shadows flick

Watching out for the Nyx

In her wild imagination

She thought she was followed by an alien

Needing more of her tobacco

Out in the early hours she did go

Coming upon a stranger

She asked him for a favour

Taking home two young girls

She asked if he would take her first

Already her madness awoken

Her freedom time was broken

Months went by to pass

About him she never asked

One night asleep in her chair

She was totally unaware

The stranger entered in her house

Bent down and kissed her on the mouth

Then scared she remained

Could he come again?

For protection she did call

Was she believed? Not at all!

More months went by and did pass

Was it her imagination she did ask?

Because on that eventful night

She went back and did sleep tight

Officers again she did call out

One was slim and one was stout

They came and stayed like a social call

She didn’t think anything wrong at all

Sometimes police don’t behave as they should

And these guys were acting good

The stout one offered her all his love

Would she have him if she could?

But the other man caught her attention

Handsome he had hair of flaxen

She questioned would they be coming back

“Yes if you can prove you’r sane!” She didn’t expect that

Later to her it did occur

The officer offering her amor

Was no other than the stranger

Who on the mouth had kissed her

And the story did unfold

He had been very bold

These men had been cheating crooks

Not the real police she had mistook

And the moral to be taught

Is if alone you are caught

Identify callers to your door

And constantly make yourself secure!

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