Robbie’s birth


Robbie again is in the picture

The press are out to get ya

He decided to dance and to sing

Filming Ayda whilst doing her thing

Criticized by the media

Why exploit the lovely Ayda

In her moment of birthing labour

But isn’t this what a man’s world is about

And media stories are the common route

And Robbie has given all the press

This to write about and I must confess

It always should be a woman’s choice

And Ayda obviously has a voice

This is all about their baby

Not just about the lady

Baby Charlton they did it for

Publicity and no more

The coverage Robbie was given

Has helped him earn a living

And Ayda’s baby will want for nothing

A good start to life he will have for certain!

And while other women are struggling

Poor can’t always earn a good living

This little guy will have a good beginning

And probably live his life dancing and singing!

And when this has blown over and gone

Fame and fortune baby will have to come!

But will this be a happy life?

Without a certain kind of strife?

Who can say what the future holds

For this life’s story has yet to unfold!

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