When in bed and you lye awake

And sleep just does not come

All the world seems far away

We feel we are the only one


The days around us become brittle

We become on edge

That don’t make us fickle

We just need our rest


We plod along to the doc

Hoping he’ll give us that break

He says you have insomnia

Prescribes tablets to take


Sometimes when they are little

Babies keep us awake

But hopefully when all grown up

Happy our lives will make


If in equilibrium

Our lifestyles do not run

Its not just because of the weather

And that there is no sun


It’s because we are unhappy

With something we have done

Things are just not right

We’re annoyed with someone


If your life is balanced

And in harmony

The things that frighten

Are many miles away


Sleep will come every night

With nothing to upset

No need for tablets

Coz we have no regrets


So slowly does it every day

Sorting out your life

It’s the only way to have

A good and restful night!

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