The Xmas Bird


The Xmas shuffle was coming

On its way to everyone

And Mary housebound and lonely

Couldn’t imagine an emptier one

Her house visitor came once a week

And asked Mary what would she wish

If she could have anything this Xmas

What would be her gift?

I would want to see Larry

A message to him I would send

But don’t know where he is

And he is my only friend

Mary sat by the window every day

Looking out into her garden with nothing to say

She watched the seasons come and go

This morning her roses were covered in snow

Today was Xmas Eve

Suddenly a Robin appeared on her sill

It stayed for a while

And Mary sat very still

“Oh! Little bird grant me a request!”

“Bring to me Larry on Xmas Day”

The Robin bright and fluttering

Spread its wings and flew away

Then Mary sleeping in her bed

Dreamed of Larry when both young

She was 20 again in her head

And youth its song was sung

Xmas morn her carer came

Then a knock upon her door

Mary you have a visitor who can it be

And there stood Larry once more

The carer knew Mary’s wishes

And all about their youthful kisses

Somehow a letter had found Larry

One she had sent of many

Larry in his hands held a bouquet

“How are you lass?”

He did finally say

“Oh Larry is it really you?”

He bent down and kissed her cheek

Then Mary said without a doubt

“This is the best Xmas I ever knew!”

Then Mary noticed once more

The Robin was perched outside her window

“God bless you little bird

Merry Xmas and thank you!”

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