A Recipe of Love



Recipes can either be good or bad

Depending on the ingredients

Then comes the Cherry

Tall dark and handsome

With a smile as cheeky as a new head of Spring buttercup

And eyes as grey as a sea sky on a stormy day

With excitement not to be uttered

But behind the glass of ice

In a Winter’s frozen lake

He belongs to another

Out of reach

Never to be stolen

This recipe of love

Never to be baked

Like a teddy at a fare

A shot from a rifle’s winning treat

But to be missed

No bells in the air for you

Blossoms in the hair of his young darling

And caresses to die for

You would die tomorrow without

Gone as the Winter’s tale

When young Spring arrives

Coming from Summer’s sweet sunny embrace

To be dreamed afar

A lost love buried under Autumn leaves

In another year and out with the old

In with his bonny love and out with your vintage red wine

But this recipe will remain

In the book of eternal memories

The sweetest of confections!

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