We’ll make your house look better!

And save you lots of money

Mainly on your heating

In the cold weather


Doesn’t matter that the boilers we installed

And radiators in your home

Don’t work adequately

And can’t be regulated at all!


We’re now having rendering

Placed outside your walls

And it will be so worthwhile

You won’t be sorry at all!


It’s almost done looks like there’s an end

To the havoc caused

All the mess and noise

That almost sent me round the bend!


“Oh my God!” I say when I have a look

It’s like someone has spewed pink porridge

All over my outside walls

A catastrophe in my book!


And progress yet again

Has gone way backwards

And those who have no say

Always suffer afterwards!


The moral of this story is

Be grateful you have a roof above your head

Because homeless you could be instead

And in your own spew exist!!

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