The Real Love


The real love is black and white

It is there through the dark days and the sunshine

You don’t think twice

It is a heart given

Stirring in rainbows

There in thundery clouds

Bespoke in laughter’s charms

Ever a therapeutic and loving guide

You just know

And it can never be erased

Real love doesn’t even have to be mutual

It exists in an instant drop of blood

Running through a heart ventricle

As red as a rose

Handed over to the one

Real love is alive

And is immortal

It can’t be buried or drowned

It is a worldly given

And it’s wheels never cease

They drive no hard bargain

Real love is free

Given like gold dust in a sieve

It shines in sunlight and moon beams

For that certain one

Whether accepting or not

Is the only one who deserves it!

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