A Voodoo child Casting spells on the spirit overwhelmed Consider me this as I cry human Locked in with justice that has never been Mad am I to the beholder As I walk through the maze of my life Essence of a light eternally existing Freedom is my game as a beam of sunlight Melts away the bars […]

The Mournes

I shall not go to heaven when I die I think I’ll take a road I used to know That goes by Slieve-na-Garagh and the sea And all day breasting me the wind shall blow And I’ll hear nothing but the Peewit’s cry And the sea talking in the caves below I think it will […]


A snowball of fur Bouncing around my garden Chasing butterflies With paws dancing Arched back playfully twisting A pounce on a mouse Whiskers twitching Exotic eyes trouncing sunbeams Ears perched forward on an intent head Demanding to share my plate Ever fussy eater Always ready for a feed Are you playing now the sweetheart that […]