A snowball of fur

Bouncing around my garden

Chasing butterflies

With paws dancing

Arched back playfully twisting

A pounce on a mouse

Whiskers twitching

Exotic eyes trouncing sunbeams

Ears perched forward on an intent head

Demanding to share my plate

Ever fussy eater

Always ready for a feed

Are you playing now the sweetheart that was you?

Is Heaven’s door your cat flap?

All that remains is a single tuft of fur

Warm snoozes on my lap

Empty now and cold

Please be running after rainbows

Always the sweetest of strokes

And nose to nose we would kiss

Love always the purring

Like mother and child

The memory of a kitten ball of string

Delight of a little feline creature

That brought endless pleasure

To a lonely lonely life!

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