This Child, This Man


close-up portrait of a beautiful sleeping baby on white

close-up portrait of a beautiful sleeping baby on white


I named you Son

I loved you from your tiny little egg

From inside me you came out of the blue

Into the morning light on a Winter’s Monday morning

In a life where joy had been forever underground

In a mindset cavern

Then looking into those newborn eyes

Love was branded onto my heart

And raise you I did

In this town by the river

Probably in flood

Other swans accustomed to the swim

Protection was my racket

To keep you close

Because you needed to be kept close

You and I walk along a single tight rope

No safety net underfoot

Balancing life on a fine line

He is known to be kind

This my son

Sometimes treated unkind

He is patient

When teaching patience

His anger is tied in cotton wool

Any hermit would envy his solitude

And ask me how I love this Son

No words have yet been written to tell you

From that little egg

The child is a man

And like the essence of a good meal

This aroma of love

Shall remain the spirit of life









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