4342265852_40653c9ae4There is a distanceBetween me and the one I loveMy heart has no resistanceIt has found a home so goodI traveled the roadThat led me to your lifeA heavy loadI was took up with strifeYou became my sanctuaryIn a world full of troubleAnd thankfullyMy woes did not doubleRenewed by your words of careShown with a voice of affectionPlease always be thereAnd appear in my reflectionThe day in our future lies aheadA caress away from a lifetime’s careAs sometimes it is saidFriendship to love we can shareFate will bring us to meetAnd on that great eventTwo friends with love will greetAnd cupid’s arrow to his target sentAimed directly at our heartsWill strike the center of our soulsAnd never again we’ll partLife’s angels will become two love sick foolsBecause angels with wings can flyAnd find the light inside a homeWhere hearts rest and abideAnd souls no longer need to roam!

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