Here i found myself listening to Scottish folk music

I sit in this room signed ‘recovery room’

I ask myself just what am i recovering from

As i look around i see the room has comfortable seating and a table

I look through the windows and although the morning sun is bouncing off the walls

the view outside is awful

there is a high fence

the grass plot outside would not make a garden yet a place for recreation

i recollect artists have existed throughout the beginning of time

from cave humans to 21st century masterpieces

Yet not one picture hangs on these magnolia walls in this ‘recovery room’


On one wall someone either single handed or stencilled

has drawn the image of a tree

and images of birds flying above it

it is in black silhouette

and these are the only solitary images in this room

‘the recovery room’

above the tree faintly someone has attempted to create the image of a rainbow

you can hardly see it

the colours are poor

as every poet knows birds in flight always represent freedom

so i ask myself yet again what am i doing here sitting here in this

‘recovery room’

since lockdown last march

i have been confined to my house

then i needed to move and get away

so the only option to me as usual was here

where there is a

‘recovery room’

where i somehow believed i could recover from months of confinement

i came here to recover

to find freedom

as every wise stateman and woman is and has always been aware

for woman man beast or child ‘freedom’ and this alone lets your spirit sough

i came here to seek my freedom

now i find i am under lock and key

seems the dark road to hell my brother wrote about many years ago

has found me once again

and my soul is captured and detained once more

as a slave all of my life

i seek the solace but find it not

this ‘recovery room’

knows nothing and is empty

and the silhouette of the trees and birds

remain static and lifeless

and my soul is dying a little more each day

and will indeed perish altogether

i live in hope

for a life i have never known

and would give up my existence

for one day of


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