A Little Drop of Rain

Can your therapist really be your friend

Heal your heart for you

Until the very end

Through and through?

To do his very best

No simple care worker

Much better than the rest

No Sunday’s shirker

I know he tried utmost

Helping me along my journey

The crossroad came close

The gates he opened for me

Although his sessions led to tea and toast

All he could do was talk

And his friendship I wanted the most

But it wasn’t what he sought

Clouds in my coffee on a morning grey

I dunk my biscuit the sweetest of the bunch

But to find it broke away

Not for me this one at all to munch

Therapists are like coffee and biscuits in my opinion

While you are in the business of dunking and drinking

Talking is there dominion

Before you know it you’ve skipped lunch

And your biscuit has landed on your carpet floor

It becomes a creamy fluffy paste

Will be never no more

It will simply go to waste

Because friendships are more than a therapist maker

Who listens to your cares and woes

And although no faker

Now the session ends and goes

No friendship came about

No more laughter lifting me higher

Our journey fizzled out

And as a client I did expire!

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