The Islander

A harbour master flagged me down one day

And got me in a romantic way

He told his coconut girl

Coz he didn’t want the truth to unfurl

I was his ex wife on the other line

I said go it would be fine

Before he left the video call

I knew it just wouldn’t be all

As when it ended i realized

He’d got my heart to my surprise

Captured it on a virtual call

That wasn’t all

I’m waiting to have it back wouldn’t you?

Sure to find it all broken in two!

But there is one thing this guy doesn’t know

My heart has come back many times so

I have glue and tape and a repairing kit

And my heart happily on the shelf does sit

When i need it i bring it back down

Because in my chest it beats safe and sound!

To give over to someone on another day

The game of love to play

Except my heart is so very strong

And love can do me no harm or wrong!

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