What happened on that night?

You came into my mind

You said you came to save the Earth

You are not of the human kind!

Some are taken away

Transgressors they have seen

Violated and probed

Encountered they have been!

When mummy and daddy aren’t around

Children learn at the time

Who would believe them?

This is an Alien crime!

I know you were really there

I do remember I do recall

You came and had a chat

Telepathically that was all

You said you were here in peace

Goodwill you had brought

Our leaders know alright

Pacts with you they have sought!

People know around the World

They are here and they are staying

Hope you are not one

There is no use in praying!

As a child I saw  you

What do I know of the Universe?

You definitely were there

Taking my life would be worse!

Nothing about you I do know

Who really are these Aliens?

To come and affect my life

I am only human that’s remaining!

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