The crystals of a heart almost crushed With the fist of life’s cares and woes But never finding in it’s glistening light This heart, this love This eve One day fades it’s bright And no more to shine But wait to see in darkness There will always exist The Crystal Star!

The Big ‘C’

  When you find you have the Big ‘C’ And your life is in the balance You might say “Why me?” Every day becomes a challenge   I would be asking “How long?” “My days on Earth have left?” “To sing life’s song?” I would become bereft   But I haven’t been told that word […]


  What is a place of peace For an erupting mind?   A place of still cool waters To extinguish burning thoughts?   This place of heaven after the hell The before never existing To be sent in relief   Saved from drowning In a squalor   The torment To the comfort   A delight […]


  He looks down and never notices My transient being And permanent cry lines Eyes that are as deaf as a blind man’s hand Staying in the neutral zone That leads to a little forestry Of barks that are lined with incessant imaginings Never kosher enough To the true poets’ mind Bring me a glass […]


Patches, fake fags and gum Giving up makes you a nervous one Like anything habit forming It now carries a health warning Your life has to be in that spot For fags you don’t give a jot And if determined you really are You too could be without the tar Once living without the nicotine […]


  When in bed and you lye awake And sleep just does not come All the world seems far away We feel we are the only one   The days around us become brittle We become on edge That don’t make us fickle We just need our rest   We plod along to the doc […]