Mad in America Theme

Dancing on a moonbeam

When captured outside at night

Howling a furry sight

In woods rustled with leaves

Two mates did conceive

Pups of mini thieves

Who stole away people’s minds

And worked madly kind

Shining down they did find

A deep mental mine

Where puppy wolves could dig

Sanity sugar big

Then boarding a golden rig

Madly panning in a brook

For insane nuggets understood

That cured all wolves of furry kind

That had found they lost their minds

Back to sunshine and the dawn

Dreams a sleepy yawn

To daybreak chorus sweet

Where night and day meet

Fixed in a transition under the stars

Sleeping in an aqua barge

Floated down the river of reality

Wheels turning down Mississippi

Embankments of filigree

Rich in sanity

From the wisest tree

Happiness for eternity.




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