Gregynog Mother Earth’s Beauty

Cyprus Oak Ash and Redwood

Hall begotten of all that is good

Regal in realms of black and white

Lights aglow in the night

Of woods and forests deep in fern

And woodland walks any feet would yearn

The delight of honey from bees home grown

To be sold in a shop all of their own

The true beauty of Mother Earth

Unfolds here in this her birth

Two sisters bright and gay

Knew natures loving way

Giving pure and simply the delight and treat

Of a flotsam of daffodils Spring will greet

Green long groomed hedges and lawns

A sight to behold from days of yore

When two sisters in their loving way

Created gardens of ecstatic display

For generations to come and enjoy

Life’s essence to breath in and employ

Roses and shrubs the scented day

No storm or snow or winter’s gaze

Has taken away two sisters age

Created many years ago

I am so grateful “Don’t you know!”

For my feet to tread on paths in fervent woods

To drink in and savour in all glory and good

Green the colour of Mother Nature’s gift

Her glistening touch any soul would lift

Blossoms of pinks purples and yellows

Bless and comfort all good fellows

Human and furry and in flight

Mother Nature is a glorious sight!

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