The day starts early

Earlier than most

In Bedlam

Probably with a yawn

From a night staff

Then a door slamming shut

In Bedlam

Then slowly the people

The mad people

Come onto the ward

In Bedlam

And the first rays

Of insanity show through

The windows of the minds

Of sane people

Embroiled on this ward

In Bedlam

The minds of interacting

Doctor, nurse and patient

Hooked up on drugs

The deadliest kind

A patient finds

In Bedlam

The insane with the rational

But who is who?

Who is sane?

Who is insane?

Why do we live the lives we do?

In Bedlam

The doors bang shut all day long

The workers drill and hammer

No sanctuary to be found

In Bedlam

Then a patient will

Abuse someone

And a nurse will abuse

In Bedlam

Then comes a young brown girl

Dancing to the music of a WII

And who can say

She is insane?

In Bedlam

When for hours

She dances

And dances

And then some more

Caz! The girl of Bedlam

And then out of the blue

A sane person will

Receive a huge hug

From someone crazy

And love eminent

From a patient to a nurse

Is the given

In Bedlam

Then we are fed

And catered for

Our needs are met

And we are intoxicated and drugged

And freedom

Of mind and body are tortured

And freedom is not the given

In Bedlam

At the end of the day

Whether drug induced

Or not

Patients sleep

A nurse yawns

And a door slams shut

And another life has gone by

In Bedlam!

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