The Big ‘C’



When you find you have the Big ‘C’

And your life is in the balance

You might say “Why me?”

Every day becomes a challenge


I would be asking “How long?”

“My days on Earth have left?”

“To sing life’s song?”

I would become bereft


But I haven’t been told that word

And as far as I know

I am not dying or cured

I have some years to go


My child I am around to live

My whole heart always

Each day my love I give

My smokes I threw far away


But it happened to a loved one

In my arms he died

Flowers I place upon his grave

Tears I now cry


I tried each day in vain

“Stop smoking!” I would say

But puffing he remained

He smoked 30 a day


Is it so hard to find a way?

To stop this dreaded habit

And buy all the aids

Available on the market?


And live your days without smoking

You could surely crack it

Stop coughing and choking

Your body becoming fit


Because my loved one he will miss

Together our Christmases

And I wouldn’t have been writing this

Instead buying him his presents!

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