In a millennium every now and then

There appears a face

Upon a man

The face that sculptors

With their hands and chisels

Carve into masterpieces

Which history keeps

Every now and then comes along

In the hurried bedlam

And the grime of a skyscraping day

A face

That launches ships and blesses unknown babies

And cradles softness in a woman’s bosom for a gift

With his head curled up inside her heart

That never really stops beating

But with a face like this

Once gone is gone forever

The memory like a chocolate

Bitten out of an envied

Child’s desire at a glistening casement

Through a bright shop window

There inside laid out on a plinth

That piece of Turkish Delight

Which in her tiny pocket

Remained priceless

As in childhood As in womanhood

And in the snowy clefts of her winter days

She knew then when she was a child

One of the hardest lessons

That every now and then

A face like his

Always will be out of reach

As in childhood

Even when grown

But the face isn’t the story

Although this says so much

The face and the tale

Combined weigh more in wealth

Than any Arabian Night

Buried in the hot sandy dunes

In tents where water is scarce

Every now and then

In a millennium or so

A tiny soul finds herself

Glancing on a face

She turns the pages

The images are there

For all to see

And the little woman knows

Like when a child

Her nose making little steamy circles

On that brightly lit shop window

And that beautiful face

Belongs to a single man

And very few women

In his lifetime

Would have the pleasure

To taste that succulent Turkish Delight

And very few girls and women

Would win the prize

And place their lips

On that sweet sweet mouth

That belongs to that face

That only appears every

Millennium or so

And as in every tale

Of Arabian Nights

When a face appears

In filigree binding

Of a parchment story

And remains immortal

As every little girl grows up to know

She will always achieve

The gift to press

Her lips onto that


In that immortal book

And kiss the beautiful image

Because when a face

Like his that comes every millennium or so

Is painted and written in gold

All women eternally once grown

From that envious child

There written There captured

And there known

With the hearts desire of that face

And only that face

Women’s kisses a thousands of times touch

That beautiful beautiful face

On parchment or as in life

That face That man That story

Is there every millennium or so

For all women to enjoy eternally

Even in the priceless pockets of a little girl

Who as a child

First looked through a brightly lit shop window

Raised on a casement and saw

That delicious Turkish Delight!

I never knew what Bernie Taupin looked like the lyricist who works with Elton John. I saw his picture just last year and thought what a beautiful face he had. An extremely handsome man.

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